Company History

Levy's - Company HistoryLike so many immigrants who came to our shores in search of the American Dream, Zadoc Levy left Germany to follow his dreams of a better life. In 1855, he found it in Nashville. The opening of his small tailor shop on Market Street established one of Nashville’s longest running and most successful family ventures.

The Southern gentleman and ladies of Nashville enjoyed a lifestyle around a myriad of social events and they demanded the latest New York fashions. Through Zadoc Levy’s entrepreneurial spirit and vision, the humble shop grew to become a favorite of Nashville elite.

By the turn of the century, Raphael Z. Levy, one of the founder’s sons, took over the family business, moving the store to Fourth Ave North. In the 1920’s his sons, Herbert and Alfred Levy Sr., came to work to continue the iconic family business, and by the 1940’s, the business passed into the hands of another generation of Zadoc’s descendants, Ralph Z Levy, Sr. and A. J. Levy, Jr.

In 1998, fifth generation owner David W. Levy, Ralph Z. Levy’s son, assumed leadership of the family business, now located in Green Hills. Under his stewardship, Levy’s has risen to new heights of success, presenting upscale designer apparel for men and women along with custom tailoring services that stay true to Levy’s roots. Today, Levy’s is recognized as the oldest men’s clothing store in America and one of the best in the nation.

Zadoc Levy would surely be proud. His dream lives on, bigger than he could have ever imagined. After all, that’s the true spirit and nature of the American dream.

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